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Oakland School Schooting – One Goh to Rule them All

April 2, 2012 — A shooting spree at a tiny religious college in Oakland left seven people dead and three wounded, the Associated Press reports.

Law enforcement officers leave Oikos University following a school shooting Monday. (Noah Berger – AP) On Monday, Oakland police took One Goh, a 43-year-old former student, into custody. During questioning, Goh told police he was was upset at Oikos University for dismissing him. Police also learned the seven victims were killed execution-style, including in one classroom, where Goh said he lined students up against a wall and shot them one at a time, CNN reports.

“This was a calculated, cold-blooded execution,” Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan told CNN. Police are expected to file charges Wednesday.

Immigration is a highly stressful enterprise and sometimes ends violently when a foreigner becomes overwhelmed with his failure to assimilate to this society’s language and culture.

The school’s website has a Korean language version and says it is accredited to offer degrees in a handful of subjects like music, bible studies, asian medicine (acupuncture?) and an AA degree in nursing. One media report characterized the college as a “vocational Christian school.”

It clearly provides services designed to attract a certain flavor of diversity — religious Korean immigrants.

California is fertile ground for visa mills cranking out faux degrees in tech to provide a gateway to America for “students” to enter the country and never leave. One example was Tri-Valley University of San Jose which was shut down last year.

Oikos University, on the other hand, doesn’t peddle extravagant tech degrees it can’t deliver. Its offerings are far more modest, and the school sounds like a mom & pop approach to utilizing America’s liberal visa distribution for any sort of education. Oikos’ website has a page describing how to maintain F-1 status, so clearly that’s what they’re about. One wonders why we are importing immigrants to study the bible?

The question is why Washington hands out student visas to foreigners majoring in music or bible studies without making sure they leave when their schooling is complete.

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