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The Hunger Games – Obama Launches Food for Dictators Program

It’s the Hunger Games but its not the hit movie. They call it humanitarian aid. Billions of dollars in food. American precious topsoil being sent overseas, trucked using millions of gallons of American Oil, all to feed a dictator who would be overthrown by the people if things were left to themselves. Food for No Nukes is the program and a recent agreement by the Obama administration. Unfortunately many American presidents have rewarded North Korea in the past in exchange for promises which always fizzle. Now North Korea is launching a missle in a test which will destabilize the region. Is free food for dictators a good policy? Now that KJI has passed away isn’t this the ideal time to STRESS that nation and hope to break the scourge of mad dictatorship?

Nope. Obama is sending them food. Because America is so wealthy that we only had to borrow 1,500,000,000,000 last year. yah we’re rich.

“We don’t believe that nutritional assistance should be a lever to achieve a political outcome. It is a humanitarian effort that we have intended. And again, it’s regrettable that this has stopped,” Lavoy said. “So the reason, again, why we’re not providing that food assistance at this point is because our confidence in their ability to meet their agreements has been diminished. We do not use it as a lever to change their policies.”

State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland also said Wednesday that the issues aren’t linked, but she implied that the food aid could be restored if the missile launch is scuttled.

“We don’t have confidence in their good faith. If they want to restore our confidence in their good faith, they can cancel the plans to launch this satellite,” she said. “They are separate issues, but they come together at the point of whether the government’s acting in good faith.”

During the talks that led up the Feb. 29 statement, the U.S. side made clear to the North Koreans that any missile launch, even a satellite launch, would be a deal breaker, Lavoy said.

Lavoy also warned that the North Korean leadership might do something else provocative on or around the April 15 celebration on the 100th birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung, perhaps as a way for new North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to establish his power and legitimacy.

One problem with these food aid programs is we ship in huge 100 pound bags of wheat and rice. The peasants have no clue it is America who is feeding them. Instead, we need to be sending them Chef-Boy-Ardee Ravioli, Twinkis, and Pop Tarts. Let them steep in American culture. If our goal is democracy nothing gets people fighting like leggo my Eggo.

“Our suspicions about North Korea using its celebrations this year to enhance its missile program were confirmed when North Korea announced on March 16th that it plans to conduct a missile launch between April 12th and 16th,” Lavoy said.

Lavoy also said that the North Koreans intend to launch the missile in a southward direction, although nobody knows where the missile or its debris might land.

HASC Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) said the upcoming missile launch was further evidence that the North Koreans never had any intention in engaging in real denuclearization talks and that the regime’s stance has not changed since the death of Kim Jong Il.

In the end, Obama’s Food for Dictators program has been a huge success. Dictators around the world have lined up for their share. Vladamir Putin after recent election hijinks asked Obama if he qualifies. “Sorry Vlad, you’re just another ruthless elected official no matter how much you did to steal the election. Just like me.”

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