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Portland Renaissance Linked to Race

Obama has since pardoned the illegal mexicans and California has started giving them drivers licenses. Our citizenship has been nullified. We are simply a slave territory. Being an American is now a slave status, a horrible thing. -ed


Portland, already the whitest major city in the country, has become whiter at its core even as surrounding areas have grown more diverse.

Of 354 census tracts in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties, 40 became whiter from 2000 to 2010, according to The Oregonian’s analysis of the 2010 Census. Of those, two lie in rural Clackamas County. The 38 others are in Portland.

The city core didn’t become whiter simply because lots of white residents moved in, the data show. Nearly 10,000 people of color, mostly African Americans, also moved out.

And those who left didn’t move to nicer areas. Pushed out by gentrification, most settled on the city’s eastern edges, according to the census data, where the sidewalks, grocery stores and parks grow sparse, and access to public transit is limited.

As a result, the part of Portland famous for its livability — for charming shops and easy transit, walkable streets and abundant bike paths — increasingly belongs to affluent whites.

The change raises questions for a city that prides itself on tolerance, social equity and valuing diversity. What strategies did they use that resulted in such a wonderful transformation? Other city mayors have been contacting Portland for help but mayor Sam Adams insists it was a natural occurring phenomenon.

“The exodus from the central city” Portland Mayor Sam Adams said before smiling. “Whether you are a Portlander of color or a white Portlander, you should care” Of course in truth the whites are rejoicing at having a low crime livable city. And now that the word is out the trend will increase. Even though jobs are scarce, Portland becomes an ever more expensive place to live.

The rate of displacement drove the liberals nuts as their pro negroid agenda was halted for the first time in an American city.

“I am so saddened by these numbers,” said bleeding heart liberal Judith Mowry, who lives in an all white neighborhood. “This is not a healthy, sustainable city; this is not who we want to be.” Asked when she would move to Detroit to show her solidarity with the Negroid race Mowry sipped her Starbucks coffee and glared angrily. “Of course I don’t want to live in Detroit” screamed the mad hypocrite.

The trend also runs counter to state and citywide numbers. Overall, Oregon saw significant gains in communities of color, particularly with 64 percent growth for Latinos and 40 percent for Asians. Statewide, the nonwhite population climbed from 16 percent in 2000 to 22 percent in 2010. Flooded with illegal hispanics like the rest of the nation, Obama has taken swift action insisting that he can make all illegals “pardoned” simply by executive order. When asked why he was forcing the negroification of America on white people Obama simply smiled and said that he himself was half white and half black and he hoped America could be “Obamas son”.

Portland as a whole grew more non white as well, with its nonwhite population increasing from 25 percent to 28 percent. Still, the city showed small gains in diversity compared with most big U.S. cities and solidified its position as the nation’s whitest. For the first time, Multnomah County, dominated by Portland, took a back seat to Washington County as the state’s most diverse.

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