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The media distortion tornado is still spinning the Sheeple in South Carolina Polls

South Carolina. Land of the Sheep. In poll after poll the people there are strongly going for the puppet choices of big war big spending and no future for this country.

I ask them this. When someone puts a pillowcase over your head, and drags you off to a hole in the ground to rot, and you scream “I want a lawyer” “I want a trial!” they will reply “Sorry, you voted for (Romney or Gingrich or Santorum) so what are you complaining about?”

Or when your candidate runs their next campaign and the government shuts down their web site…oops sorry again everyone but Ron Paul supported SOPA so you voted for it.

See Ron Paul hustled back to D.C. for a day where he introduced a bill to repeal the section of the NDAA that would allow them to do just that. But the press didn’t cover it. The press doesn’t want you to know that. He also voted against raising the debt ceiling. Instead we get articles entitled “Paul Abandons South Carolina, runs home to d.c.”

Wolf Blitzer comments “I can see some of the other candidates dropping out, but I see Ron Paul staying in”

But on local South Carolina news on NBC, Paul wasn’t even mentioned on the critical election day coverage video:

I think the key thing that will happen Gingrich surge notwithstanding is soon Santorum must concede and bail out. Especially if his fourth place finish in South Carolina is very distant. When the numbers dim to THREE surely the press will give Ron Paul a fair shake. Well no, they wont. If anything the blackouts, the hysterics, the hit pieces, the images of polls with second place removed will only become more common as they panic. But something else will begin to happen. With only three people to look at and research, the next few states won’t be so confused. By then there will be such a huge amount of information on the faults of Gingrich and his affairs, his war mongering, Romney’s presumed 15% tax rate and funds stashed in the Caymans, and well that horrible peacnik Ron Paul who wants to cut the government, balance the budget, end the war, and restore peace and prosperity to the land. Well he’s a kook. He’s “crazy uncle Ron” and of course “He can’t win”

They started this game fixing it in Iowa. Someone has to dig and find the smoking gun before its too late. Because with that one lie they pushed Ron Paul down and reinforced their media message that he can’t win. Their lack of exit polls and insistence of counting the votes in a secret location not in public doesn’t stand up to any electoral process in the free world. It was a rigged game.

Now lets look at how the votes were counted in Iowa. Rather than have each group for each candidate coalesce and report their own total or be hand counted (so that the group KNOWS how many they are and can SEE the size of the other groups) they did it by paper ballot. Then the lights go out while they are collecting ballots – so they can throw away 100 ron paul ballots and add 100 for romney? They ballots are generic there’s no way to tell they are actually from the voters in the room.

The possibility of multiple votes paid for by the big money candidates was almost a given the way Iowa was run. Worse the votes were counted in Springfield Illinois.

The powers that be want a safe candidate. They don’t care if he or Obama wins or loses. They just want someone who won’t rock the boat, keep the wars going, keep the fed printing cash and handing it to their buddies, and keep hammering the middle class with taxes and more taxes and inflation to pay for it all. They are long distance vampires, sucking on our blood. We swat at them but they are too far away. In then end… we may see guns and blood in the street if Paul is not at least elected up to win the Primary. Because a government that does not represent the people… and a fixed media charade to convince very dumb americans that the government is legitimate is not enough to dissuade those who are awake and know whats really going on this election cycle.

First they repealed ID requirements in as many states as possible – IOWA just before the election. Obvious ballot stuffing occurred in Iowa in the last hour pushing Santorum and Romney well in front when Paul had been a strong second all day. By the time New Hampshire rolled around they were ready to drop Santorum like a rock and stuffed the numbers for Romney. This time it was much easier with the electronic machines and no paper trails. Only in the smaller precincts would vote totals be accurate and there they showed Paul winning or a close second.

For South Carolina they have relied on the media blackout of Paul. Pictures show 3 contenders not 4. Paul just isn’t there. Every soundbite isn’t Paul. Every big news story is Gingrich or Romney. When Paul got key senator endorsements, it wasn’t even covered. When Chuck Norris came out for Gingrich, it was on every page. Its a game. And the dumb are easily fooled. And the sheep don’t know at all what is going on because the game and the deception has run so long they can no longer process reality. Like professional wrestling matches, the opponents appear to hate each other when in fact they will sit down afterwards and drink warm toddies and tell war stories. “Yah, that time Bill Mahr came out for Paul and called his watchers leftist sheep… omg he really let the cat out of the bag then. But nothing they do can win when we control every story, every media outlet.”

The 2012 race will either be remembered as the time when America woke up from its 40 year slumber, or the last year we had before our freedoms were taken away forever. The choice lies with you.

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