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Time to Give Up Social Security to be Safe

We are not a safe country. Terrorists can strike at any moment. Really there is no option other than to continue to fund our 800 military bases around the world, our six aircraft carrier fleets, our nuclear submarines, and our wars in five countries. We also must spend money to fund the TSA, both at airports and in our malls, sports arenas, everywhere really.

Because they spent all the social security payments on endless war, the U.S. would need to institute an immediate and permanent payroll tax increase of 1.6 percentage points to keep the Social Security system solvent for the next 75 years, according a report from the Congressional Budget Office released Friday.

Payouts to these beneficiaries during the course of this year are expected to total $733 billion, a figure that represents one-fifth of the federal budget. This is potentially problematic, since the standard lines of revenue that pay for the system — payroll taxes and income taxes on benefits funneled into two trust funds — are estimated to reach only $687 billion in 2011. Of course, had they actually SAVED the social security payments rather than spending the 1.5 trillion surplus on war, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

The report estimates that about 56 million people will get Social Security benefits this year: About 69% of this estimate is retired workers, their spouses and children, while another 12% are survivors of deceased workers.

The remaining 19% are people like the Octomom and her children filing seemingly false or preposterous disability claims. For example, the Octomom herself was on disability for a bad back (untestable), and several of her children were getting disability payments for things as seemingly innocous as a lisp. Really children getting disability makes no sense since the program is for adult workers. What has happened is with welfare reform, states have to contribute to their welfare budgets. But disability is a fully federally paid program. States began by the millions shifting welfare recipients onto disability in droves. When a black couple was recently attacked in DC, it came to light that they were in fact living in a luxury townhouse. It was paid for by both of them being able to claim disability for being “learning disabled”. Is it learning disabled or did they simply goof off and party through school and come out empty headed? Truth be told the vast majority of blacks and hispanics meet this criteria. So yet again, a program that should be well funded and producing generous benefits has been hijacked to pay for endless war and octomom babies.

The truth is we can no longer afford both our wars and social security. The only logical choice in a world where terrorists from a small cave can bring down our biggest buildings is endless war. I for one am more than willing to give up social security for real security.

Recently pentagon chief Panetta chimed in on budget cuts for the military. Panetta said it “would do real damage to our security, our troops and their families, and our military’s ability to protect the nation.”

Panetta’s prescription is a recipe for the U.S. to continue spending as much on its military as the rest of the world combined, pretty much forever.

I have to agree with that. A nation at risk must not waver. There are still muslims with beards and turbins out there. And I for one am confident that our endless wars are keeping them well in check… at least for the time being.

In fact, we can give up a lot more than social security to fund our wars. We can give up our houses, most of our salaries, heck we really shouldn’t even have money to spend. These wars are too important. I for one will not sleep until Afghanistan is properly conquered and has Starbucks and McDonalds. Thats what America stands for – until I can walk the earth and get a big mac no matter where I am, we need to keep going. There are many other countries we haven’t even invaded yet. It could take years of economic downturn for us to succeed just in Afghanistan and Libya. So we have to be prepared for sacrifice.

With peak oil pressure from rising China and India, we have no choice but to invade the entire middle east and claim the oil for America. Its the only way we can be safe and secure. If anything we need to give up and sacrifice more than social security for war. Its time to give up just about everything for war. Because when it comes to war, theres no going half way, we’ve got to be in it to win it.

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