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TSA Inspector – “Secret Service Prostitution Requires Full Investigation, Fast and Furious, 9-11, NDAA and CIA Drug Running No Problem”

In an outrageous display of Media control, The Inspector General of the TSA Homeland Security department has announced they will spend tens of millions of dollars to investigate the secret service’s use of prostitutes in Columbia.

Now using a prostitute in a country where prostitution is legal (most countries besides stalag AmeriKa) is not a crime. It is simply poor conduct. But shipping in plane loads of drugs is a crime. So is starting a war in Libya without congressional approval. So is giving two million assault rifles to mexican drug cartels. So is blowing up four buildings and murdering three thousand AmeriKan citizens. But these are not important. Nope. Nowhere to be seen in the press.

Being president with a falsified birth certificate and draft registration cards is a crime. But that is NOT as important as someone sleeping with a legal prostitute. Or the New Black Panther party blocking whites from voting that’s also a crime. Nope no problem here. Blacks can do anything they wish to whites including gang raping them, murdering them, and screaming “die white honkey cracker” over and over but it’s not a crime. They can gather at state fairs and scream “Kill Whitey” over and over as thugs pummel white people. But that’s not a crime either.

Also Not a crime in New Amerika is to be an illegal alien who snuck in the country. It’s also no longer a crime for them to drive without car registration or a license or insurance. Nope, no problem here. It IS a crime to request voter identification that would stop the millions of illegals from voting.

Groping AmeriKans and putting fingers in miss USA’s vagina is a crime. But no problem here. How about Ruby Ridge – blowing away young children and a mans wife for refusing to take part in a government sting operation involving a sawed off shotgun? Nope no crime there. Waco firing live machine gun rounds into fleeing women and children? Nope no crime there.

In fact our government has committed so little crime that when a INDESCRETION like sleeping with legal prostitutes occurs its big news. It’s good to know we live in such a safe country. Meanwhile the news continues to announce that Romney has 10,000 delegates and Ron Paul has only 2 in a strategy that may well backfire on them.

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