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Why America Dying – Women Brainwashed to Select Dumb Mates – The Marriage Strike Part III

In another symptom of a propaganda brainwashed society America has hit a disastrous new wave of collapse which is epitomized by the brain washing completeness in American europanic women today. Sadly they rather than being the embracing nurturing but smart and strong mothers of yesteryear, most are spoiled brattish party girls with little sense of career or motivation beyond partying and having a good time. Some of them list their favorite tv shows on their personal ads as if that is a substitute for creativity and brains.

But the brain programming on TV has hit this generation hard and they have nearly as one organized unit decided to select for dumb mates. The truck driving blue collar redneck uhilp homer simpson cruise and snooze through life jack offs that are the lower crust of men in this country. The intelligent hard working career men are often so overwhelmed with abusive universities and the corporate grind they rarely have time for partying and mate selection. But in the tier of colleges designed to be a party experience for four years with minimum effort from the students mere placeholders designed as holding pens for the middle class masses – soon to be extinct – loan laden 99%ers, the women want most of all someone stupid and unchallenging to their own stupid shallow vapid existence. Most will convert to barely working soccer moms and receptionists. Over fifty percent will end in divorce. Many of the white women who date minorities because its trendy will end up beaten, cheated upon, with venereal disease from unfaithful partners, or in many cases being eaten by their partner. (no that really is becoming more common in today’s america).

What is behind this selecting for the loser mate is a endless stream of vapid shows about the stupid for the stupid like housewives of orange county, jersey shore, and endless movies where the hard working smart guys are the “losers” and the winners are the low class monster truck drivers.

These are all apocalyptic signs for our nation. A nation drugged beyond belief, incarcerated beyond belief, importing dangerous third worlders at every turn, and a smaller and smaller portion sees life as one big party, just screw around a lot and pop out babies and thats all you’ll accomplish in your pass through existence. Many of the upper class kids are no better embracing the same exhausted values and are also non creators and will pursue boring lives as doctors lawyers and mbas. But at least doctors help some people. Well some doctors at least. The big bastion of values that is kept alive for them to turn to? Fundamentalist christianity – a hate spewed cess driving the likes of Rick Santorum granny supporters. These churches are a place for the dumb and evil to go and feel better about themselves while their minds are filled with hate by aberrant ministers. With the Catholics having disgraced themselves they are now the church of the illegal aliens and they push strongly for more to come into this country.

Jenni and Jimmy Bob will settle into their pickup truck and drive off and since they don’t have many ideas in their heads they will wonder why five years into the marriage when the partying finally stops and reality kicks in why they have nothing to say to each other. This is the Jessica Simpson Syndrome.

Why are kids supposed to go to college for six or seven years to get degrees in speech pathology, journalism, or photography? If you want to do these things just do it! A degree isn’t necessary. But it is in our modern society that wants ever more credentialing ever more control in a nanny state. Sadly it is women who thrive in this dumbed down environment of nonsense and smart men who simply can’t put up with the inanity of it all. Soon if this trend continues we will require degrees to be waitresses.

In the end, it is a values re-design that the communists have put in place. It begins with the stupid jock in high school being hallowed as the hero and champion, and the dumb bunny cheerleaders being their prize. What is the lesson? Sports = success. Brains = failure. But for the propaganda state, the sports hero is exactly what they wish to champion anything to divert people from their endless wars and sending our best jobs to communist China. In a nation flooded with four million H-1Bs with fake degrees from India and China to destroy our engineering class being smart no longer pays. Being a jackel lawyer or unscrupulous wall street hedge fund manager or a doctor who bills 300,000 for a hospital visit is what pays in corruptville. And part of that is trickling down into what women are selecting for in mates, this new value system that places pure evil at the top followed by dumb thugs.

There is some glimmerings of hope out their. The crossfit revolution is replacing the stereotype of the half dead anorexic emaciated woman as the ideal with a strong fit lightly muscled woman who can do fifty push ups while in a handstand. This is a much healthier body type than the Jane Fonda Kate Moss I do Coke image. Now if there were only a matching revolution in education where people studied the best writings of Epictetus, Kant, Nietzsche, Conrad, Homer, and on and on.

Women are not naturally dumb and vapid and shallow. But this is what our education system is designed to turn out. And TV and the Snookies of the world just drive that image deeper and deeper. A nation of women looking for their dumb juice head. And why not? The Gubment will provide when juice head jhonny leaves with coke head sally once snookie hits 40 and is not so pretty any more. At that point all thats left is a dumb brain in a sagging body not a pretty sight. And most college is just a continuation of this. It will only take one or two generations with this deformed mate selection before they have put the kaibosh on much of America. Hard work and effort will no longer be “cool” and people will insist on “fun” jobs. In a recent interview of sixth graders when asked what they wanted to be when they grow up didn’t reply firemen and policemen and scientists. No they said professional skateboarder, tattoo artist, and dj. This is the new society and our new economics. Women want to be “models” and hundreds of web sites and scams spring up so that these women can pretend to be working models when really mommy or daddy is still paying the bills, or the stripper pole is. So they plunge endlessly into student loan debt while partying it up because they are living in a dream life that has no consequences. Murtle goes for her third masters degree in sociology. Lord save us all.

5 thoughts on “Why America Dying – Women Brainwashed to Select Dumb Mates – The Marriage Strike Part III

  1. i know the feeling! i wish that there were more emphasis on bright people really! i just feel that intelligence is being shunned in favour of idiocracy!

  2. “Women are not naturally dumb and vapid and shallow.”

    This point is incorrect. Women ARE less intelligent than men. Their brains are smaller than men’s and science has proven this.

  3. Actually John, while you’re correct that men are more intelligent, it’s not brain size that’s the defining factor, it’s structural.

    The IQ distributions in all major IQ tests are markedly different between men and women, on average men are slightly higher than women, but women’s IQs are more grouped around the middle whereas men’s are more spread across the spectrum, meaning there are more stupid men than women but a lot more highly intelligent men than women.

    This is because the bigger the difference between men the easier it is for women to select the smartest mates and the best selected from an evenly spread group is going to be much more intelligent than the best selected from an average group thus humanity’s intellectual evolution advances more rapidly via natural selection.

    There being many more highly intelligent men than women makes it hard for men. the few highly intelligent women tend to select dumb males in order to maintain control of the relationship.

    1. Except that the carefully cultivated “I’m a princess I deserve EVERYTHING” shrew American woman who because there is no outlet like legal prostitution as there is for all European nations (save italy but it’s just a quick plane hop away) men are held hostage for sex by women who select FOR THE DUMBEST MOST FAWNING and seek to promote those traits they have been told by MTV and other stations that they should highly regard – if they are a trendy, an imbecile, a gangsta, or Ya Knw Wah I’m SAYYYYYINNNN.

      American women (not every last one, only 99.999 % of them) are such horrors of conceit (watch the Kardashians if you have any doubt) that things like sleeping with black men which is an OUTRAGE to white men, means nothing to them. They are mearly fuck bags to receive sperm and be well paid for it. And men must prattle and worship often for months to receive that honor while NOT receiving true love (something most women are not capable of in America) or Family but often a bill for children they will rarely see.

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