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Macron Speaks At Site of Four Slain Police Officers Killed By Muslim Jihadi


“They had made the choice to wear the uniform, to devote their lives to protecting others. They died in service, at work,” said Macron, who also met privately with families of the victims.

“The whole nation (must) unite, mobilise, act … We will only win if our country gets up to fight against this underground Islamism that corrupts the children of France,” he added.

Mickael Harpon, a 45-year-old IT assistant with a hearing impairment who worked in the police intelligence unit, converted to Islam around 10 years ago and had recently adopted increasingly radical beliefs, according to investigators. He used  an oyster shucker to kill his four colleagues before he was gunned down by a police officer., ”

“These brave men, who were shucked to death, our hearts go out to them” said Macron,

A new bill was introduced to ban oysters.  African and Middle Eastern muslim immigration will continue.

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