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Williams ‘Sisters’ Highest Paid Athletes

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The Williams ‘sisters’ pose for a candid break

A simple plan to make millions. Just take two boys, train them in tennis, then squirrel them off for sex change operations after their bones and muscles develop. A master-stroke plan that would earn the family a billion dollars. Is this what happened in the Williams sisters case? Early photographs show a very masculine young “brothers” with wide shoulders and no female curves. Hmmm. Early videos show a very masculine sounding ten year old Venus (see below). This is some of the conspiracy theories that surround these top female players.  Are these women? Of course they are. Still people continue to speculate.

A beautiful daughter and son, errr no two daughters!

Were they both sons? Or One male child? No they are both daughters.

If it were true it would be perhaps the greatest coverup and swindle in the history of sports. The girls were kept out of competition for several years until older, skipping the junior ranks altogether.  But then they emerged as top players finally winning Wimbledon and all the major tournaments.

Much of this is brought on by the fact that in two years Serena did not submit to any out of training blood testing, even running and hiding in a safe room when the examiners came to her door. Well no matter, keep handing these wonderful players hundreds of millions of dollars, they have well earned it. Nothing to see. Move along.

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It’s Malcom and Jamayal? No it’s the Williams Sisters, these aren’t boys with beads these are women!
Related image
Are these boys? No, it’s the williams sisters. Not boys at all.

Skip to 0:59 and 3:10 to hear the voice of TEN YEAR OLD FEMALE Serena.

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